There seems to be some discussion on TELEGRAM that General McInerney’s account is not what it appears to be. cjtruth has been attacked by “McInerney” as being a Zionist. Keeping in mind that it is generally accepted that some of the people presenting themselves are NOT who they say they are and it is suspected that TELEGRAM, like any social media platform, has been infiltrated by those who wish to do the MAGA movement (thus America) harm by attacking those who are the most credible.

I have now way of knowing if the brouhaha regarding McInerney and CJ Truth is true, but I tell you this because I have shared several of “McInerney’s” posts here on these pages.

Dave Hayes, aka “Praying Medic” recently issued a caution that McInerney’s account is not authored by the General. Many accounts by well-known persons have been established by others who are either fans and wish to post things these well known people (i.e. Mike Pompeo as an example) have said on their validated Twitter or Instagram accounts, or things they’ve said publicly which can be authenticated. Those accounts, for the most part, have been established and are being held as a platform should the well-known people (ie Pompeo)decide to officially join TELEGRAM.

How to tell if it is a fake account? One person answered:

“Here’s a rule of thumb- if they push the Trump coin, it’s a shill. Get off that channelšŸ˜‚”


This appeared on McInerney’s account this morning:

All of this to say, “Caveat Emptor.” Buyer beware.