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The moment the board of supervisors pissed themselves

Has the Maricopa County Recorder been selected as the scapegoat?

Have the county supervisors and vendor decided he will be the one to hold the hot potato?

Panicked guest appearances on CNN and the lying media suddenly make a lot more sense.

(Below: Maricopa County Recorder Steven Richer – AKA “Fall Guy”)

An Honest Elected Official.

Barely win an election.

The election is now under forensic audit.


Go on CNN to try and stop the forensic audit.

Do a fake media tour to try and stop the audit.

This guy’s margin of victory is so slim – you bet he doesn’t want anything to do with an audit!

Optics 101 

1. Barely win an unknown elected office seat by 0.3%.

2. Go on CNN to complain about auditors looking at your election.

Who was sent in from another state SPECIFICALLY to run for Maricopa County Recorder?

It is the Maricopa County Recorder who is responsible for maintaining voter files in Maricopa County.

If voter files or election databases in Maricopa County go missing or are tampered with, who is responsible?

Cat got your tongue?

Lets do a few more rounds on CNN and see if that helps.

The face you make when you realize you were brought in to be the fall guy.

Quick! Better get on CNN asap to play the victim card.

We know files were deleted.

We don’t know who deleted the files.

At the end of the day, it is the recorder’s responsibility.

Do you understand the mainstream media performances now?

The face you make when you realize that you were let into the Bohemian Grove as a “TOMATO” with the express purpose of setting you up to take a fall.

This should work in criminal trials.  Dont investigate because I say so.

Wow. Stephen Richer just went on MSNBC and said “I was very happy that the Senate walked back its claims that we had unlawfully deleted files…” 

FALSE!!! We all watched the hearing and that’s not even close to what the Senate said! Nobody walked back the claims. They said they were able to RECOVER THE DELETED FILES. 

Wow they are truly in full panic meltdown mode! GLORY!!! 🇺🇸

Cause that’s what honest people do…delete files, with-hold passwords, and remove hardware before sending a computer to be audited…cause there’s nothing to see here 👍