Kotcha the Great: “We are in Nevada. Wow! Big news coming out soon. Let’s shake up the political class.”

Brian Cates: “Can confirm there’s something big coming.”

Brian Cates: “Another hint: Big Tech thinks they’re the only game in town.  We’re supposed to go into court and spend years and hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get judges and the federal gov’t to force them to let us talk to each other.  That’s….not what we’re going to do.  We learned from what happened to Parler.  Some people have invested their own $ and Big Tech is not ready for what’s coming.”

Truthhammer: “Rachel Madcow is reporting that Maricopa Audit officials admitted the election database was not deleted from voting machines.

That is false. They have clearly stated it WAS DELETED, but cyber technicians were able to undelete the data and recover it.

She is trying to confuse the fact that a crime was committed.

Blatant misrepresentations like this are a clear attempt to manipulate the public and should be an FCC violation with stiff fines for her network.

No, I won’t hold my breath.”


Wow look at the graphic…


TheStormHasArrived17💀: “Do you see how disinformation accounts hurt our movement? “

Brian Cates: “When the Left isn’t engaged in it’s own virulent antisemitism, one of it’s favorite tactics is to plant fake social media accounts on the Right loudly promoting antisemitism.  Which tells you a lot about these f**king people.

Brian Cates: “Write this down, there’ll be a quiz later: When Durham issues indictments, and after he’s finished and ends his investigation and releases a stunning report that includes documentary evidence that almost the entire Obama administration knew in July of 2016 that the Hillary Clinton campaign was launching a fake Trump/Russia scandal to distract from her own email scandal, and the FBI under Comey played along with the fraud to spy on the Trump campaign, people are going to call me THE LUCKIEST SON OF A BITCH ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.  But they’ll be wrong. It will not have been luck. It will have been hard work.  And you can quote me on that.”

Stormy Patriot Joe: “Saving The Children ” forwarded this: