Cold open with Rachel Maddow giving birth again to twins “Panic” and “Baloney.”

“They’re in full meltdown, and they understand the train has left the station and is going across the country to get to the bottom of Nov. 3rd and the Wuhan Lab.” — Bannon

Wuhan and election narratives are beginning to be entwined.

On today’s show…

Sean Parnell, brave warrior who led men in combat during longest deployment in war, talking about Memorial Day being about the war dead. Parnell is a candidate for US Senate (R-PA) and author of “Left For Dead” and “Outlaw Platoon.”

Boris Epshteyn, on Comm strategy of the Left talking about the Covid weapon made in the Wuhan lab. “Fauci who?” is the new comm in the Biden White House. Now Fauci is on an island without air cover, he’s in deep trouble. Guessing Fauci retires within the next two weeks. What’s really cynical is how derisive the mainstream media was about us when all this was being screamed from the mountain tops, and they were absolutely in denial. Now you’ve got Biden calling for a study which is a huge admission of weakness. Dr. Fauci ran interference for the CCP and hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions around the world died. When we take over the House in 22, wait for the Hearings.

The comms part of this – Maddow is beseeching the federal government to step in. It’s a last ditch attempt because they know if Biden’s DOJ comes in to shut it down, how it’s going to look.

It is absolutely clear that MSNBC is triggered, destroyed. The freight train is not going to be stopped. State officials are the ones who run the show. Maddow is completely despondent. This is an Anna Karenina moment. What is happening in this country right now is a MOVEMENT. And the MAGA listeners are the tip of the spear. And we’re only at about 25% of the recount.

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Rudy Giuliani — when Rudy is out there in Phoenix on a 14-hour presentation beamed all over the world presenting the recipes in excruciating detail, (AZ Gov) Ducey, in Rudy’s face, signs the declaration that certifies the election. Sean Hannity needs to ask Ducey “Why did you try to humiliate Rudy and the Deplorables by certifying the election?”

Whatever comes out now, he definitely certified something he knew to be false. He cut us off. In fact, (GA gov) Kemp did the same thing. – Rudy

Tried to get a meeting with Ducey three or four times. Every time he didn’t return my call.

This train from here is going to Atlanta (Fulton County) to Philadelphia… Michigan and Wisconsin has hundreds of independent citizens who can tell you I was told to vote this way… how to cheat.

Justice department – Maddow is pleading for the Biden Admin to get involved and shut it down… she gets where this is going.Does the Justice Dept have any standing to get involved? Art 2,Sec 2 Clause 1 of Constitution says the state legislature is the sole determinator to determine how the election is run.

Peter Navarro about the audits, interprets what Rachel Maddow said on her show last night… “She’s worried, you can see it on her face.” (NOTE: She has circles under her eyes and eyes are darting back and forth.)

Democrat Party Grand Strategy: “Dramatically increase the absentee & mail-in ballots in battleground states.”

“There is something there — Lindell is doing his own investigation of Kemp and Ducey. I think there’s something corrupt there as well,” Navarro said about Delta Airlines and how they’re not buying their aircraft from Airbus.

Biden’s $6 TRILLION budget is a radical path that is not reversible. This is why they’re trying to jam it in now because the leadership/opposition is feckless. They’re spending this money for income redistribution — there’s not enough money in the world to cover this — it will happen thru explicit tax increases or they’ll inflate the debt and we’ll have the German Weimar Republic.

We’re headed straight over a cliff.

They’re destroying the dollar. They didn’t just steal the presidency, they stole the Senate.

Wuhan – White House, they’re cutting Fauci loose. Genetically engineered virus paid for by the American taxpayer. Fauci has blood on his hands.

Ben Bergquam on the border.

“There’s nothing stopping the invasion that’s coming. It is completely out of control.”

“We’re past the tipping point.”

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