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This Message is for Lin Wood, General Flynn, and Donald Trump 

I want to put this out into the universe. Maybe you will read it, maybe you will not, but I have to say this at least once. 

I am an Anon. What that means to me is, I am a patriot who just wants to find the truth. I’ve never trusted our Government, but I trust you three.

– Trump, you are like a father figure to me and many others. We deeply love you for all you have sacrificed to make America great again. We The People see it. What you’ve been through, we can never repay you. You’ve worked so hard and you have reignited the hearts of MANY Americans. And you’ve made liberals cry with your “mean tweets”, which we LOVE 😂. You will have the last laugh and we cannot wait until we see the big reveal and we cannot wait until you are on Mount Rushmore. IT WILL HAPPEN! 🙂

– General Flynn, sir; we stand strongly with you. You have been the people’s general. We thank you for your service to our country in the past and most certainly now. Your role in all of this I hope one day is truly recognized. You have been a rock to us all and we proudly stand by your side now and into the fray. 

– Lin Wood, my dear friend. You hold a special place in my heart personally. as you have awakened my faith and many others I’m sure. You have been the Knight on a chessboard, as you never know which way you’re going to surprise the enemy. You have been comforting our hearts along the way. Without you dropping hints and your prayers, this battle would be harder to fight.

I am just a simple man who wants his children to not grow up with bullshit like critical race theory…. or be asked if they want puberty blockers at 11 years old. I want them to have that little thing called FREEDOM. I want them to lead peaceful lives, get married, and raise a family. 

I understand what is at stake. We truly are against some dark stuff.

I understand generations will suffer if this thing does not work out. I understand the world is at stake. 

Please hear me. I 117% believe in Almighty God. My faith leads me. Lin, my friend, you have played a significant role in how I found my faith, my strength. I found my way here on TG, to help people, through my Unshakable Faith in God and because I want to help bring people together. I believe God guided me here to all these wonderful people, whom I call family. We all love this country deeply, like you do. Some are from other countries, all here, because we believe in Freedom and we want to fight for our freedoms.

Please hear me when I say this… 

I am a peaceful man. But I am a fighter and will die for my freedoms, the freedoms for my family. I do not condone violence. But we have all the guns and we stand ready. 

We trust Gods plan. We trust you. We understand we will have to fight to take back our country at the state level, county level, in our schools, and in our communities. We understand. 

But….If we need to fight back, in the streets, or physically remove politicians from office, WE WILL. But I don’t believe that is where we are. I believe we need to fight back within the legal confines of the law. 

But what is difficult is that our enemies have broken every law. They do not play by the same rules. They have created their own rules. They have murdered people and got away with it. 

We are just a little channel of 10,000 + patriots. But there are millions of us standing by, ready to fight for our families if called upon.

So again, I am putting this out there, only once. Just in case….

If we should be fighting back by other means than how we already are, please let us know. 

We stand at the ready & WRWY! 

For God & Country! 🇺🇸 💪 ❤️ 



*Fam, let them know how much we appreciate them in the comments.

**Dear Father God,

These three men & our great Military deserve your hands on their shoulders. Please aide them in all their endeavors. Please protect them with the full armor of god and your holy word. Please bless their families and watch over them with sword and shield.