The tide was coming in and a stiff breeze (17 mph) was coming out of the east, pushing the surf high onto the beach, leaving very little to walk on.

So after splashing around barefoot for a while, I headed back across the soft sand to the dune crossover bench where folks can catch their breath and enjoy the lovely seaside breeze.

While sitting there brushing sand off my feet, a gentleman and a much older woman with a walker approached, and I invited them to join me on the bench.

We began to chat. She’s 92. He’s considerably younger but a mature adult who calls Great Britain home. He can’t leave Florida as yet because England is in lockdown/quarantine. His mate flies for a major airline (flying cargo only, no passengers yet) and they haven’t seen each other in months.

Mr. Great Britain has had the jab. And wait until I tell you what happened to him after getting the shot.

He was jabbed with the Moderna “vaccine” and within 24 hours was bleeding profusely from every — EVERY — orifice, including he said, his legs. Since then, he doesn’t have any feeling in his legs and feet. His hip, knee and ankle joints ache. He says he’s sorry he took the jab, admitting that he ignored his parents in the UK who strongly advised him against it.

But… he gave in to the propaganda.

His 92-year old companion also got the Moderna jab, but didn’t experience any ill effects… UNTIL she took the second shot. He fever shot up to 103 degree temperature leaving her miserable and bed-ridden for several days. Frantic, her friend called a local pharmacist seeking advice. The best the pharmacist could suggest was taking Tylenol EVERY four hours until the temp went down.

Why, why, WHY do people think /believe they are better off with an untested formula injected into their blood stream to supposedly resolve/protect against a flu virus that has proven to be 99% survivable.

I can understand her fear at 92 years of age. But him?

Shaking my head…


This dropped into my inbox.