Forensic audits continue to move forward. 

Arizona: Forensic auditing of the 2.1 million ballots is accelerating… will be completed before the end of June.

The audit will shift to canvassing… identifying the votes cast by dead people… non citizens… previous residents of Arizona…underage voters… and voters casting their ballots from P.O. Boxes/vacant lots/government buildings. 

Will there be enough fraudulent votes discovered to overcome Biden’s approx. 10,000 vote “win”?   

Delegations from PA observed the AZ audits last week… this week, delegations from GA are attending… Wisconsin has announced a delegation… other states, not ready for a public announcement, will follow. All for the purpose of holding forensic audits in their own states. 

Georgia: The annual Republican convention took place this past weekend. Normally, a quiet, predictable event, this year Trump deplorables attended… no hotel room with 30 miles of Jekyll Island. The Hero of the event was Vernon Jones, insisting that Gov. Kemp hold a special session of the legislature to perform a forensic review of last November’s election ballots. 

Governor Kemp’s planned 15 minute speech ended within 7 minutes, as the audience heckled him about the fraudulent election… after 7 minutes he packed up his table and went home… Kemp, like Elvis… has left the building.

Vernon Jones will oppose Kemp in next year’s primary for Governor, to oppose Stacy Abrams. 

Since the GA Senate does not have the votes needed to force a special session, that leaves it up to the RINO Gov. Kemp to call the session. He will be between “a rock and a hard place”… he was part of the “consent agreement” passed in the dead of night without input from the GA legislature where he and Stacy Abrams reached an agreement where the Dems could put drop boxes all over GA and the Republicans would not make an effort to compare signatures. 

Kemp’s problem is that in Fulton County, Judge Brian Amero, has agreed to audit 47,000 mail-in ballots. Six long-term poll watchers have signed affidavits under penalty of fines and/or prison, that they observed as many as 30,000 fraudulent mail in ballots. (Biden “won” GA by about 11,000 votes) 

Mail-in ballots MUST be in an envelope signed by the voter before turning it in. Affidavits say as many as 30,000 ballots were NOT folded. Even if you pick up a ballot in person, you need to fold it, place it in an envelope, sign the envelope, turn it in. 

If there are no more delays, this should take place in July. If the results in Fulton county are as expected, how can Kemp refuse a special session to review the rest of the state? If Fulton County declares that Trump won, we have a constitutional crisis. There should not have been a runoff for State Senator. Perdue is the 51st Republican vote in the Senate… now what? Here are a couple video segments from Bannon’s Warroom.

Boris Epshteyn discusses Georgia

In McAllen, Texas, a border community, Hispanics elected a Republican Mayor, Javier Villalobos. Here is Bannon interviewing the new Mayor: Mayor Javier Villalobos

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