Schiff, Swalwell confirm Trump DOJ secretly seized their records in Russia leak probe

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a member of the committee, were notified last month that the Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Apple records about them in 2017-18, in what Schiff called “a body blow to our democracy.” Driving the news: Schiff and Swalwell spoke on CNN after the N.Y. Times revealed that as part of a leak investigation, the Justice Department subpoenaed, and received, Apple metadata (records but not actual conte…

Two things to note here in this legacy media coverage of this revelation that both Swalwell and Schiff’s phone records were being surveilled and records seized: 

1) It’s Swalwell claiming the matter is now closed. The DOJ hasn’t said shit. 

2) When the DOJ gets a spy warrant it’s retroactive and allows them to go backwards through your phone records. They don’t just spy on your currently ongoing phone activity, they get to examine your past phone records.


JUST IN – Former Attorney General Barr “does not recall getting briefed” on seized communications records belonging to Democratic lawmakers who were leading investigations into Trump (Politico)



Let me tell you what this means: beginning in 2017 there were investigations into who was leaking classified information out of Congress to the Fake News Media to drive the Trump/Russia Collusion hoax and nobody ever heard a thing about those investigations and the targets of the investigation & the leak hunts weren’t notified until this week that their phone records from 2017-2018 had been seized by the DOJ. 

Members of Congress were being spied on and investigated and I WANT TO BUY A F__KING BEER FOR EVERY AGENT INVOLVED IN THIS because this never leaked out.  The DOJ let the targets know they’d been spied on when they were good and goddamn ready in freaking JUNE of 2021.

JUST IN: Senate Democrats Demand Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions Testify About DOJ Seizure of Apple Data From House Dems

Senate Democrats are now demanding former Attorneys General Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions testify about the seizure of Apple data from House Democrats. According to the New York Times, the DOJ under Trump subpoenaed Apple for data from Democrat House Intelligence committee members and aides in their hunt for leakers. The records were seized in…

Floundering Democrats want to bring Barr & Sessions in to testify?

Is Nancy dumb enough to walk into that trap?

“Honey, we’re gonna need MOAR POPCORN for this”

Durham was first tapped to begin investigating SpyGate-related leaks of classified information regarding Crossfire Hurricane in April of 2017.  Are you sitting down? Because I’m about to tell you something.  Durham has been investigating current members of Congress for criminal leaking since 2017**.

Sure, FBI agents like Strzok and McCabe and Comey were leaking. But a lot of the prime leaks used to drive the Trump/Russia hoax came right out of the US Congress.

People were screaming for 3+ years: “When is somebody gonna investigate/prosecute that arrogant leaking son of a bitch Adam Schiff? And Swalwell too? They are obviously leaking!”  And what was I saying the entire time? Somebody is investigating them and getting ready to prosecute them. He’s just not saying SHIT to the media or us about it until he’s ready.

Horowitz will review to ensure all the proper procedures  were followed in [checks card] the DOJ filing for subpoenas and warrants for surveillance on Members of Congress and their staff and for all records related to unauthorized disclosures of classified  information to the media by government officials.

So one of 3 possible outcomes I see:

1) Horowitz says “this never happened. They made it up. There were no subpoenas.”

2) Horowitz says “This happened, and all the subpoenas were properly filed and all the surveillance of these Members of Congress & their staff were done appropriately according to regulations.

3) Horowitz says “It happened but they didn’t follow the rules on some of the activity they engaged in.”

My money? The people who never leaked any of this were careful and crossed all their “t”s and dotted all their “i”s and Horowitz opens door #2 and says this was all done properly.

What does this part mean?

“The review will not substitute the OIG’s judgment for the legal and investigative judgments made in the matters under OIG review.”

It means he’s only looking at the procedures used to get the surveillance warrants and seize the records, he’s going to make no judgement or finding whatsoever about any court decisions or law enforcement actions taken by the agents in these cases.  It’s just a review of ‘were the rules followed correctly”, nothing more.

BTW, Horowitz dropping this today is pretty much confirmation that the DOJ was surveilling and investigating sitting members of Congress beginning in 2017, to determine who was leaking classified information related to Crossfire Hurricane and other classified matters.  I don’t see much chance of Horowitz saying “None of this happened, Swalwell and Schiff are just making it all up to get TV face time.”

Let me remind people how things actually work: When the DOJ begins to investigate someone for a possible crime, 99% of the time they do not publicly announce they are beginning that investigation.  There is no press conference. The media is not alerted. So to all the people running around saying it’s ‘wild’ that the DOJ happened to be investigating sitting members of Congress for the past 4-5 years and they never told us they were doing that: that’s STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE.  You don’t know how anything works.

So back in 2017 when the DOJ decided to begin investigating Reps. Schiff and Swalwall for criminal leaking of classified material, they did not call a f__king press conference and alert everybody in America they were doing that.

When you bother to learn how things actually work you will be able to see the popular narratives driven by most media sites on both sides are utter shit.

Who wants to bet Trump releases a statement soon about the investigations into Schiff and Swalwell for criminal leaking?

I was saying the entire time back in 2017 all the way to….today….that the criminal leaks of classified info related to SpyGate were being investigated. The people doing that investigation just weren’t talking about it because the targets were high up in the US government.  They weren’t even going to admit they were doing the investigation, much less provide regular updates.

When you are investigating sitting members of Congress for leaking classified documents, you don’t talk about it.  Until you are ready to.  You make no announcements, you give no updates.  The fact Apple was at last allowed to let Schiff and Swalwell know they had been spied on means Durham either finished that part of his probe or is almost finished with that matter.