Do you know what is in the jab? They call it a “vaccine” to make it socially acceptable, yet it is anything BUT.

It is an injection that infuses your cells with messages that change you. Hurt you. Kill you.

Transhuman. Look up the definition.

What exactly is in the injection? Do you know? Do you REALLY know?

No you don’t, because the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture it won’t tell you. And the physicians and virologists and chemists who DO know are being muzzled, banned from social media, threatened to shut up. Stripped of their license to practice.

Why are the so-called authoritative media personalities telling you to take the jab?

Why are there ads telling you to take it?

Why are many offering million dollar incentives – or free doughnuts – to take it?

Why are they trying to shame us into taking the jab?

Why are we being pushed to take the jab when we already know the cure is simple: Ivermectin, or Hydroxychloroquin/Zinc?

Transhumanists need to get to your blood, to your DNA, to get inside of you.

Once you take the jab, your life is changed forever. Your body is changed forever.

Was the jab the whole point of introducing the Chinese flu into the world? To get us so fearful we would BEG for the jab?

Has your church turned itself into an injection center?

If you develop consequences — blood clots, heart inflammation, neurological disorders, miscarriages, sterility, crippling, tremors, and more, including death, you’re on your own.

The pharmaceutical satans are absolved from any and all liability.

Transhumanism – where technology of man embedded within us. And controls, retunes, recalibrates your RNA, DNA with promises…

“We’ll be able to cure the cancers (that we created.)”

“We’ll be able to go after the autism (that we created).”

“We’ll be able to go after Alzheimers (that we created).”

But they carefully do not tell you what they can and WILL control once their nanobots are inside you: your thoughts, your moods, your emotions, your desires. Your memories. You will become what we have created.

The practice of Medicine has become a sleight of hand.

Why the magnetism?

Why so many heart problems?

What’s happening with the blood/brain barrier, why the spike proteins breaks that down?

What about heart and brain frequencies?

This isn’t new. They started this over 120 years ago.

This is a war for your mind and your heart, the engine of the perfect body, the perfect creation created by God.

The heart is the engine of the perfect creation — an electromagnetic engine that runs our entire system. It’s the bridge between us and God.

So why the spike proteins? Is it because they can break down the protective barrier between the body and the mind?

Why the nanotech? Is it because it feeds on the frequencies and the vibrations that are produced by the heart that runs the body engine?

Is it because they who seek to create a superhuman species want to themselves be gods?



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