Bobby Piton on TELEGRAM:

“If the first shot is the base operating system and second shot 💉 is a “program” that is triggered based on your generic markers (collected by Google Founders wife?). Is this the method they systematically release new “builds”. 

It got me thinking…  Many of the billionaires in the world made their fortune in alcohol.  What if our food being loaded with chemicals is the base operating system and alcohol reacts with certain collections of these chemicals to cause all of these various health ailments?

Just a thought this morning.  I avoid all foods that have anything that I have up look up.  I’m doing a 40 day break from  alcohol and I am curious if anyone else has noticed this possible connection??”

“Barry Care was about Federalizing mass executions.  One controlled central location to systematically dispense death. This is why the Federal Government needs to be cut in HALF, at a minimum. Corrupt Foreign Controlled Traitors could possibly crush our Nation from within.

What the CCP is to Nazis  #BenedictBarry is to #BenedictArnold”