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Cates is getting us coached up. Continuing from yesterday’s expose’ here and here.


I realize, of course, that the nothing’s happening – and nothing’s going to happen – crowd can’t explain how this federal grand jury was seated and investigating and essentially spying on Gang of Eight members and others in powerful positions for more than three years all while they were stridently insisting  nothing was happening and that I was a shameless  grifter selling hopium to the gullible. They’re presently trying to explain it away now that it’s been revealed, but explaining how something was done and explaining it away are not the same thing.

I’m thinking about 4 of the people pictured here are in serious trouble thanks to a federal grand jury that began spying on them back in Feb 2018 and one is going to become a national hero.

You know when Merrick Garland found out about that grand jury? When Joe Biden first heard about it?  When Schiff and Swalwell went running to the media to whine about it.  You’re being told right now by people who’ve done nothing but shift their goalposts while calling me a delusional grifter that Biden and Garland killed that grand jury. Well, thank you for going on the record with that claim.  I appreciate it.

I’m standing where I was in 2017 and I can prove it.  I said all these Congressional leakers were being investigated for their leaking. I was saying it in 2017 on Twitter and when I started writing columns for the Epoch Times in July 2018 I continued making that claim.  In writing.  For posterity.

So…let the others out there keep shifting those goalposts.  I can wait to be right.  And I will be proven right.

Let me point out something else. Something nobody is telling you.  What amazing powers does Merrick Garland supposedly have that Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr didn’t?

What would have happened if there was even an inkling that Jeff Sessions or William Barr jumped into the middle of the Mueller Special Counsel and ordered them to shut it down? What, do you think, would have happened if Sessions or Barr had been stupid enough to interfere with a Special Counsel’s Office investigation?  Everybody shrugs and moves on?  Or if a grand jury had been seated in secret to investigate Trump & his close associates, and the Democrats and the news media got wind of Sessions or Barr leaping in there to shut it down?  Do you know how anything works?

Yet you have idiots who spend their whole telling you that Garland can do something that would have instantly gotten Sessions and Barr impeached. The Democrats and the media spent months trying to get Barr to “admit” he must have done something, ANYTHING to impede or obstruct the Mueller investigation so they could move to impeach him.  They never found anything. You know why?  Because Barr never lifted a finger to obstruct Mueller and everybody knows it.

Unlike most of the talking heads babbling at you on your TV, Garland knows what happens if he gets caught ordering a federal investigation shut down or obstructs it.  That I have to explain this is really painful.  He came right out in his confirmation hearings and explained the law, and related why he would take no actions whatsoever to impede or obstruct or end the Durham SCO or the FBI’s investigation of the Biden Crime Family.

Because nobody knows how anything works, it’s assumed by media commentators that Garland…without making any announcement about it…already shut down the Durham SCO.  He’s letting everybody assume it’s still an active investigation when it’s not.  You can only believe t his if  you don’t know what a SCO does and how it ends. Durham will announce it when his investigation is complete and, if he has no further indictments to make, he would then issue a report on what he found to the Attorney General.  Has any of that happened?

The media endlessly babbling about the ‘threat’ of “Qanon” accomplishes nothing. It doesn’t stop a thing that’s coming. Let them keep babbling.

Qanon is their scapegoat.

Here’s what’s not getting any coverage: “The company [Apple] also says it believes similar requests were sent to other technology companies and internet service providers.”  Anybody telling themselves “Oh well good thing I have an Android phone then!” had better think again.

OK here’s another key sentence in the Apple statement:  “The subpoena was signed by prosecutor Jocelyn Valentine and authorized by Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson in DC federal court, the source familiar with the request said.”

It’s more than a week later and US federal prosecutor Jocelyn Valentine is still a cipher. Why is that?

That Swalwell and Schiff and others in Congress were leaking classified materials was evident. And for the past 3+ years you were confidently told by many people because the DOJ didn’t alert any of the targets they were being investigated for criminal activity, no investigation of these leaks was occurring.  And every single person who claimed that to you was wrong.

BTW back in 2017 Thomas Wictor and I were kicking around a theory on Twitter where we wondered if the Muller Special Counsel was being set up and watched and spied on by….somebody who’s name we didn’t yet know.  🙂

So we’re going with the theory that Apple misread the subpoenas and the nondisclosure order and confused Jocelyn Valentine with Jocelyn **B**allentine?

Apple misread a “V” and added an “l” to the name of the federal prosecutor that sent them this subpoena? OK, that’s an… interesting theory.

One day they may tell us all what was really going on behind the scenes.

As we await the results of the John Durham investigation, remember – we’ve seen John Durham and Robert Mueller cross paths before.

When Durham uncovered how the FBI – including Director Hoover – framed 4 men for murder.

And when Mueller’s FBI disputed the innocence of the men the FBI framed.

When the FBI Framed Four Innocent Men

And how John Durham uncovered shocking FBI crimes

Durham found the exculpatory documents that the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover framed innocent men for a murder committed by FBI informants.  I believe it will come out in the end that US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen was working for de facto Special Counsel John Durham when he went into the Mueller Special Counsel’s offices and the FBI headquarters in January thru April of 2020 and found the exculpatory documents that proved the FBI and the Mueller SCO had framed Lt. General Michael Flynn.

I keep telling you I researched Durham. I knew about this case where Durham found the evidence of the FBI framing innocent men to cover up for their own informants 3 years ago. When Durham’s name first surfaced during former FBI General Counsel James Baker’s testimony, I researched him.

Former Top FBI Lawyer James Baker Investigated for Leaking to Media

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker was under criminal investigation for leaking to media, Republican lawmakers revealed. …

Notice at first, upon learning that Baker’s lawyer, Mr. Levin, is advising him not answer the panel’s questions because he’s the subject of an ongoing leak investigation, Rep. Jim Jordan immediately assumes the leak investigation is being handled by John HUBER.  Mr. Levin actually has to loudly repeat Durham’s name TWICE.

Note the date this testimony of James  Baker was given to the House committee: it’s October 18, 2018.  At this point nobody had ever associated Durham with any SpyGate/RussiaGate related leaking investigations. This is the very first time his name ever publicly surfaced.

Now, look at this again, from a column I wrote published in August 2018. I didn’t need the DOJ to make any formal announcement the leakers out of the FBI and the Congress were being investigated for leaking classified material. I knew somebody was investigating behind the scenes. I just didn’t know who it was.

Suddenly, when the Baker testimony transcripts were made public in January of 2019 at the Epoch Times, suddenly I had a name of who was digging into the SpyGate leaks. What do you think I did?

I did a deep dive of research into this guy and his past.  I knew all about the Deegan case, the CIA EIT cases, the Whitey Bulger stuff within 2 days of his name surfacing back in January of 2019.

I learned this is not a guy who messes around. THIS is who you bring in when you know federal officials have been caught doing Very Bad Things.  He gets to the bottom of it and brings out the evidence.

So good job by Techno Fog in this new Substack post reminding everybody who John Durham is. He’s the guy who exposed the FBI to a massive scandal where the agency sent 4 innocent men to prison to cover for the FBI’s criminal informants.