Well, that didn’t take long…


Hate to quote Yahoo News but they reached out to General McInerney back in February and he said this account is fake. https://news.yahoo.com/fake-story-secretary-defense-stole-203934038.html

I am not sure why people think this General McInerney account ( https://t.me/GeneralMcInerney ) is real. Be careful who you follow.

General McInerney tried to report this fake account but could not get it taken down.  Lots of people getting deceived. Please report this account as fake using the Yahoo News link below. 

To report a fake account:

>Click on the three dots in the upper right

>Click “Report”

>Click “Fake Account”



Is the TELEGRAM Channel claiming to be General Tom McInerney legit?

Second Coming of Bast posts a similar question at TELEGRAM:

“Off topic but what do you think of General McInerny’s statement? And maybe more importantly, is his Telegram account really McInerny?”


Brian Cates reply:

“I have no idea if that’s him.

“I have been very clear over the years I don’t buy the “satanic baby eating pedo cult taking over America” narrative. I buy what there is solid evidence for that I’ve seen: that politicians take bribes to allow and promote human & sex trafficking. I stick to what I can prove. If the “General” running that account here on Telegram has an issue with that, I could care less.”

I have my doubts that it is the real Gen. McInerny.