When we’re done he’ll claim KENYAN citizenship as a way to escape.



No escape for you Renegade. 

You know what really sucks and it looks horrible… our first “black president” who is really Muslim, was the most corrupt and probably most evil president in history. When, what I and some of you know, comes out in regards to how sick this man is as well as his agenda to destroy America, it will rock the world. *But still remember he is a puppet…

The second “black” figurehead in office, who is really Indian, but claims to be black when it’s convenient, Kabala Harris is a hotdog guzzling sloot. 

One day we will have a great man or woman of color in office. Sadly, we are 0-2 right now. 

Ultimately I don’t care what color any candidate is; I only care about if they are the right people.