Well the rumors are flying that President Donald J. Trump is about to either join an existing social media platform or launch one of his own. He did say last week that this week he’d be doing things to shake up Big Tech. 

Both GETTR and OAN’s platforms launched on the same day, Thursday.  Parler is now dead. Gab fans are unhappy because they want everybody to come to Gab, not join these new services.  Clouthub is supposed to have a redesign launching soon.  

Jason Miller, the CEO of GETTR, says the “official launch” of the new social media platform is this Sunday, July 4, the Fourth of July.  Is Trump going to join that day? 

Whichever one he joins, it’s a huge blow to the others; some of them might not survive if the expected millions in “Trump traffic” never materializes.  

We’ll see what happens!

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I’ve joined. I am @radiopatriot

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