DeeMarie at Telegram wrote:

I just had the best interaction on Facebook with a screaming lib who hates Trump!

I just have to say the tide is turning people. The time for us to help explain to the normies is upon us. 

 I couldn’t stand this guy who kept saying the most ridiculous things on my friends FB posts.  She texted me and asked if I’d join in to help respond. I didn’t want to…

And I actually ended up red pilling him on the deepstate, the Constitution, voting laws, the audits, laptop from hell and the FBI. At the end he thanked me and said that he learned a lot.  He added that he doesn’t think he’ll ever like or trust Trump but I know better 😉

I learned how to explain with facts and truth from all you Anons. X22, Pepe, Praying Medic to name a few. And I did it without anger because you aren’t angry when you are in truth. 

Thank you for teaching me so I could teach others. 

We are all in this together, you anons were all part of this conversation.