The Cure Is Spreading WW, We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore, 1776 – X22 Report

The [CB] is now losing control, and people are seeing the prices increase.

The fake news needs to report on it because the people are seeing it first hand.

The [CB] is now losing control of the narrative, they will become desperate and push their agenda, so prepare for a false flag.

But the Patriots are in total control. The cure is spreading worldwide and nothing can stop this.

Fake news and the Biden admin are trying to explain what’s happening in Cuba but people know they are lying, it’s not about covid or the vaccine, it’s about oppression. The government in Cuba is preparing a communication blackout. Expect the same in the US when the information about election fraud, treason, sedition and crimes against humanity starts to roll out.

Trump’s lawsuit against big tech is going to change everything. He waited for the corrupt politicians to commit the crime with big tech and once the crime was done, they sprung the trap so everyone could see.