by Follow the Data With Dr. Frank — TELEGRAM

“Not everyone in this movement is a patriot.”

When I first joined Lindell’s team I was briefed by some security personnel. During that discussion, they cautioned me that not everyone involved in our movement is patriot.

Some people are in it for themselves, and some people are in it for the money. Some people are carefully placed opposition.

I am rather altruistic, so I don’t really relate to this. I worked for over a year on these issues for no pay, and am not in this for myself nor the money. I can already earn a living in other ways, and I have already had my day in the spotlight with my scientific discoveries. 

These days, I am working day and night with patriots around the country to save our country. Period. It could cost me everything.

Sadly, I have been shocked lately to discover precisely what my security team advised: not everyone is a patriot.

And as various aspects of this movement gain and lose momentum and influence, true motives begin to emerge. Especially lately.

I am trying to be neutral toward people that are in it for themselves, but nevertheless are accomplishing things that forward our common goals.

But I will give no quarter to those who damaging the movement for personal gain.

The image in my mind is the foxhole. I trust my fellows, and our guns are pointed out. We cannot tolerate a loose cannon, nor someone who drops hand grenades in our midst. We trust and love each other. We have each other’s backs, and we work together, not at cross-purposes. 

I stand with all patriots.”