Compiled by Seth Keshel


Trump – 5,668,731 (51.22%)

Biden – 5,297, 045 (47.86%)

Trump is up a staggering 1.04mm votes from 2016, more than double his gain over Romney.

Biden is up 792k, a Dem record in Florida as the state drifts further right.

Bottom Line: Biden appears at least 296k votes heavy based on registration trends and historical data tracking with population increases.  If accurate, counting only excess votes, Trump’s margin in FL is more accurately represented at 52.6% to 46.4%, or a 6.2% margin of victory, and margin of 667k votes.

Does that seem too high?  It shouldn’t – these are typical margins for someone like Marco Rubio, who gets Trumpian numbers with Cuban and Venezuelan voters and pours it on in the red counties.

Best targets for audits: Lake, Pasco, Santa Rosa, Volusia, Walton.

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We especially need canvassers in Fort Lauderdale and the Panhandle.

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