I have donated. Can you? Will you?


The funds from this campaign will be received by Andrea Fairlamb.

This was written by my husband who is in Prison in DC.

My name is Scott Fairlamb and on January 6th I traveled to Washington DC to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally. What I witnessed at the rally was a sea of America loving, American Flag waving Patriots who came together from all over our great nation in support of our 45th President Donald Trump. All races, sexes, old and young cheering in what was the greatest gathering of solidarity I have experienced in my life thus far. The events that transpired after the rally I am not at liberty to discuss as the investigation is still on going. What I can tell you is that I have been detained since January 22nd and since then:-I haven’t seen my family 
-We have lost our business, which is our family’s main source of income. 
-I suffered a heart attack
-I continue to fight Leukemia with daily chemo pill treatment. 
-I am locked in my cell for 26 hours straight every other day. 
-I have lived in solitary confinement conditions since 3-16 
Fairlamb Fit, a 24 hour training facility that I poured my blood, sweat and tears into has unfortunately had to close its doors and hand over the keys.  This closure is a devastating blow to what was our family’s main source of income. As if that wasn’t heart breaking enough, our house that my newly married wife and myself just purchased in 2020 could be next. Mortgage payments, medical insurance, lawyer fees, and monthly bills have now come to a boiling point. 
 We swallow our pride as we graciously ask for your support to help us save what we have worked for our entire lives, our home. Any donation is appreciated and will certainly be paid forward once we get back on our feet. 

God Bless You & God Bless America,