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Deprogramming the Masses

by Patel Patriot

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This morning I woke up to an incredibly beautiful email. The author wishes to remain anonymous but has given me permission to share. These are some very powerful words and I believe we can all relate.

Hi there! Here’s just a few of the many thoughts I tried to squeeze into emails to you that I deleted…lol!

In reference to what I first wanted to share with you about devolution, I was thrilled to see you explaining it so well and I was wondering if including anything about the necessary shift in cold war paradigm to modern warfare paradigm was going to be included, as that is largely what I’m trying to convey as one of the biggest reasons why what we are experiencing is so vital to the continuing survival of our Republic and as the global leader (super power)of the free world. It’s also a very big part of why this time is so uncomfortable for us, and that discomfort is serving some very specific purposes in addition to bringing about justice.

To put it in a nutshell, I believe the period that we are going through right now is almost like an etch-a-sketch…it is erasing the mindsets/habits that were so ingrained in us all that it made it very easy for adversaries to exploit non-conventional methods (like lawfare and social media-incited activism) to try to overthrow us from within.

I saw where you were going with explaining devolution and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t attempting to cover something you might do a far better job of, and I suppose in a way I was procrastinating a bit because—like devolution—it’s not a thing I find it very easy to break down into smaller ideas easily conveyed over social media channels.

At any rate, I do want to thank you again for what you’re doing, and I hope that what I say below will help to explain more about why it means so much to me personally. From what I’ve been able to glean from the group, it appears that you aren’t someone who was very into following the q drops, and I want to stress to you that THAT is why I’m so moved by what you wrote.

I’m going to try to share more about my perspective and hope that I don’t ramble too much here:

While some people may bristle at being accused of being a “conspiracy theorist,” I fully embrace it (in order to reject the idea), and I have for a long time. You see, I have spent the better part of the past few decades watching the way that the media and the information available to us on the internet have been manipulated in order to deceive those around me.

In particular, I have watched as social media has slowly weaponized my own friends and family against me in an effort to censor me. I watched as those I cared about were being manipulated on a MASSIVE scale to get them to embrace the very ideas/mindsets a healthy Republic should reject– the mindset required of a population that is ripe to be overthrown by their enemies.

I was gas lit for YEARS about this occurrence… long before I found Q.

I was very used to it by the time I got attacked for promoting the info in Q drops. I am just one of millions, of course.

To me, q is not only an explanation about what has or might be happening behind the scenes right now (devolution, etc). It is SO much more.  It has been a map to highlight the links between the biggest “conspiracy theories.” In doing so, it removed the false assumption that they were random, unconnected, & could easily be relegated into categories “owned” by a specific political party. It showed, definitively, that the previous adoption of the “R vs. D” division paradigm was false, how easy it has become to deceive us in such manner, and the role that division played in a very specific and long-term plan.

It educated millions of people around the world in what, in my opinion, may be more important than any clandestine actions of our military. You see, even if the military steps in right now, completely “fixes” things and ends this charade, we are still living among a population that has– very literally– been programmed (brainwashed).

Your work has been an incredible piece of evidence for me that that programming is being reversed. I don’t mean to imply that you yourself were somehow programmed; my point is that to hear “non-Q people” talk about what “Q people” had been ridiculed for even trying to explain 6 months ago is amazing.

It’s WONDERFUL to hear!

I firmly believe that patriots within our government knew that there was no way to only use one aspect of our government (justice, military) to “fix” this when the very population itself has been weaponized as unwitting mouthpieces that parrot the enemy. Unlike the more publicly discussed requirement that we all become more involved in local politics, the necessity of a white-hat psy-op to sharpen an entire population’s critical thinking skills is a bit less easy for some to swallow.

I could go into many further details about this regarding countless ways that our technology, media, and ultimately every institution has been “in” on this effort and that psychology has always been an effective weapon in the hands of those who hate us, but this would be far too long an email. The decades long coordinated use of propaganda to deceive and overthrow an entire country (in order to take over the entire world) has been stayed, if not completely thwarted, and its damage to the minds of so many people alive today is being reversed.

It is ASTOUNDING to me that we have come as far as we have in just a few years. THIS is why I was so stricken with gratitude and emotion by your piece. It is proof that prayers I had prayed years ago are being answered. It’s proof that the truth is breaking through, and it’s not just nerds with no apparent social lives that hang out in “unpopular” places on the internet that are speaking about it. I suppose, the way that I look at it, devolution is only one aspect of Q.

It is, we hope, a hint as to how things may be being remedied behind the scenes right now, but on a much bigger scale, it is proof of the joint effort between our military and We the People–  an incredibly important effort to undo the damage and to prevent it from happening again any time soon.

I have so many more thoughts about the paradigm shifts that are happening, the transition from out-dated cold war defense strategies to far more effective ones, and how those strategies now must necessarily include the civilian population (another AMAZING advent brought about by Q) but I need to get moving to try to get some things done.Apologies if I babbled in this email!

Patel Patriot –

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