Take a good look at what’s happening in France and all across Europe.  People have had enough of this.

They have no idea what they’re inviting by babbling about a new round of lockdowns and vaccine mandates on a national level.  It’s not happening in Europe and it for sure is not happening over here either.

NEW – Chaos erupts in the Italian parliament during debate over additional “Green Pass” rules. MPs holding up signs opposing the vaccine passport.

Italy has decided to impose various restrictions on all unvaccinated persons that do not hold the country’s “Green Pass”, which is an extension of the EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

Note what happened there. One brave lawmaker agreed to be the first on the floor with a sign, drew in all the security, got them to chase, and follow him…and then all the others came down and took over the floor.

Remember just a few months ago when Biden was openly admitting he couldn’t pass national mandates on all 50 states, that’s not how things work?  Now he’s saying there’s still a ‘question’ about whether or not DC can pass a national mask mandate or maybe even a national vaccine mandate. 2/3rds of the country will tell him to GFY if he does this.  Of the rest, half will think about it for a minute before telling him to GFY.  The last 8 or so will do whatever they’re told by Biden.  And it will cause a catastrophe in those states.

Let me clear up the ‘question’ for this lifelong political hack: the answer to the question of if DC can impose a national mask or vaccine mandate on all 50 states is an unqualified HELL NO.
–Brian Cates