This man is bathing the dead babies in an act of love and respect for them before they are buried or otherwise disposed of. This photo made the social media rounds just a couple of years ago. Shocking and sad.

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Reality is hard to swallow.
FAKE NEWS keeps you asleep (sheep) and fixed in a pre_designed false reality (narrative).
Google altering search results to ‘support’ the pre_designed narrative and ‘prevent’ (make harder) for one to learn the TRUTH?
Those (w/ influence) who challenge the narrative are banned, shunned, threatened………
[Planned Parenthood is GOOD]_narrative
[China is NOT a threat]_narrative
Do you know the market price for a fetus?
Correlation of market price & days old of fetus/baby?
As age (days) increases so does the value?
D’s block ‘born alive’ bill?
Planned Parenthood political donations?
What party?
Do you believe this has anything to do w/ a Woman’s Right to Choose?
Welcome to the Real World.


“Conspiracy Theory” Over Aborted Babies For Organ Harvesting Leads To Be True And Government-Funded 

  • According to a bombshell report from Judicial Watch the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has paid at least $2.7 million into a University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) initiative that allegedly employs a tissue bank with organs from aborted fetuses.
  • Pitt’s proposal stated that it aimed to “create a pipeline for the acquisition, quality control, and distribution of human genitourinary [urinary and genital organs and functions] samples gathered throughout development (6-42 weeks gestation).” More than ten months of pregnancy is represented by 42 weeks.
  • Back in 2015, Pitt told HHS that it has been “collecting fetal tissue for over 10 years … includ[ing] liver, heart, gonads, legs, brain, genitourinary tissues including kidneys, ureters and bladders.”
  • An experiment involving grafting fetal scalps with “full-thickness human skin” onto mice was discussed at a session earlier this year in Pennsylvania’s state house.
  • The tissue for that experiment came from the university’s human tissue bank. Grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is led by top coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, were also used to fund the research. While the exact amount of federal money spent on the project is unknown, it was supported through two substantial grants — one for $1,498,642 and the other for $430,270.
  • The alleged harvesting also had a special focus on harvesting minority fetal tissue according to Judicial Watch — something Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden described as “racist.”
  • In a statement, the University tried to rationalize harvesting by claiming that their bounty could be used to treat deadly diseases.