Sometimes ‘public awareness’ of certain events prevents occurrence.
Sometimes ‘public awareness’ of certain events forces accountability.



Think about this: 

Devolution is in process, the country is scared of vaccine mandates and a illegitimate President that wasn’t elected. 

What is Trump waiting on?!? Well you have to show the people. What is Mike Lindell going to demonstrate today? Foreign interference in our election. What is Arizona getting ready to drop soon? The Audit results! 

What do you have when a foreign country colluded with a political party in our government to unseat a duly elected President? 

You all know the answer. These events had to take place, Trump had to ensure that Americans know the truth without a shadow of doubt. 

Lindell goal = Foreign interference
Arizona goal = Democrat fraud
Outcome = Stolen election
Solution = Dissolve Gov with the Military and restore faith. 

“You must show the people”