Learning the news about what is happening in Afghanistan – Kabul to be exact – is unsettling, disturbing, and in many ways, quite frightening.

Watching/listening to Steve Bannon’s War Room this morning is a jolt of reality after a weekend of joy, beauty, and peaceful events.

I am reminded of Q’s message to us very early on — the Q team knew what was coming. Some say it is because of the super computer that war gamed out all of these events that would come … evidently the Q Team and their super computer have known and predicted what we’re seeing now. I won’t go into the litany of what’s happening and yet to come our way. You’ll see, hear, and read about on a breaking, moment by moment basis, if you can stomach it.

I re-read Q’s message and I believe it’s important that we are reminded of it now. Because I just can’t find the words to describe how thoroughly pissed off I am at so many simple-minded, mask wearing idiots who voted for Biden and don’t have a clue or a care about the result of their votes. Or who don’t have the sense to connect rising prices at the pump and supermarket with their responsibility for it. And at those who rigged the election to bring us this atrocity. Yet they whine as they get their next booster shot, because as these sheep understand it, Fauci says they must. Many are prepared to mask up their kids as they return to their classrooms. No smarter than animals who munch on grass, not realizing they’re being sheared before slaughter. God help us.

I’m finding it difficult to be charitable at this point toward those in my generation who should know better. Praying He guides me to grace, mercy and patience for our fellow Americans who spend their time binge-watching Netflix, wouldn’t know Kabul from a Kumquat, much less care. Their world of concern is as small as their minds, where they wouldn’t think to tune into anything other than classic rock or country music.