A friend sent me a text with the following:

My daughter’s personal trainer- 33,very healthy/fit was diagnosed with the 19. They put him on a vent. He died last night. Not from 19—they punctured his lung with the vent.

Another texted this:

The satanic pedophile Freemason government of Australia is now planning to round up 24,000 children and inject them with biological weapons. (51 seconds) This is why you never ever give up your rights and guns for ANY reason.”

Later today I received an update:

“Did you see the update on Australia jab venture in the stadium? 2 children dead”


More and more Americans and people around the world are realizing that the supposed “vaccine” is anything but, with growing numbers of physicians, virologists, epidemiologists and medical professionals issuing strong warnings against taking the “jab.”

It is life altering auto-immunity tampering. Listen to the former Chief Scientist of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals warn about the dangers of this mRNA gene-altering jab in the video below. Add his warning to thousands more being issued by as many medical professionals who refuse to go along with the so-called “vaccine.”

also… FYI

Autralians are rising up this weekend to protest yet another government-mandated lockdown.


🔵Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Cairns and Townsville.

⚪We will rise for peace, freedom & human rights

– Take signage

– Come with a friend or two

– Stay together

– We are peaceful and respectful 

Follow for updates and broadcasts @eventsbroadcastingchannel


And in Canada… more totalitarian threats.