Joe Oltmann, former tech CEO, Conservative Christian. Founder of FEC United and host of Conservative Daily Podcast, assures us:

“They cannot stop what is about to happen. This morning you woke up as a slave to the elite and the corrupt and evil government leadership. Soon we throw them out and restore constitutional integrity to our nation. 

The fraud in Maricopa is so much bigger than you could imagine. Need you to understand this is just one county… and the number of fake voters is hundreds of thousands, not thousands.

Patel Patriot, author of the 9-part (soon to be two-part) series about the Devolution underway wrote:

Folks, I have no control over when the audit results are released. 

I can only go off of what is reported. 

The AZ senate was given the report this last Friday and it is *supposed* to be released to the public this week. 

Don’t focus on when it will be released, just focus on the fact that it is coming and the results will be earth-shattering. 

The audit report will have to withstand the most intense scrutiny of all time. It has to be unquestionable. There cannot be any doubt as to how bad the fraud was. This report is going to change the course of history. A report like that takes time. 

I guarantee you Trump and Co. want it released just as badly as the rest of us, but they can’t jeopardize the devolution operation or the integrity of the audit by rushing the report. It’s being done by we the people and can only be done on our timeline. 

We are winning. 

Have faith and patience and pray for Trump and our country.”

David Clements, the Professor’s Record@TELEGRAM has been raked over the coals by the left for his involvement in Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium.

“Today, the experimental drug “vaccine” that is the most dangerous from a death toll standpoint, was the first to be approved by the FDA, even though the studies are far from being completed.

These people hate us.

Why do we listen?

Just say No.

To be clear, today’s FDA “approval” of the Pfizer shot will mean a few things:

A) nationwide mandates are coming. Do not comply. They are illegal.

B) companies who previously did not have a mandatory policy will now have a mandatory policy. Make them fire you. Do not quit. 

C) class action lawsuits will begin to become a patriot talking point; and while it’d be cool to see all the godless commies go bankrupt, I’m more excited about patriots unifying & working together – that’ll mean we’re going in the right direction

D) Trump, being on record supporting the shots & freedom to choose, will be in a position of contradiction; his response is an indicator of where his thinking is, where his loyalty lies, & the future of the country (I’m very excited for this bc I believe Trump to be a patriot). Him being booed on Saturday was, I think, one of the greatest moments in American politics bc it showed the people who support the most popular & rightful president dont just take what he says – We The People are thinking, unifying, & growing in numbers

E) Lockdowns as leverage. Godless commies will begin to message that lockdowns must go on until “we have X% of the population vaccinated.” The % isnt the issue; the issue is dividing Americans & sowing hatred against those who choose freedom.

F) The gospel of Jesus Christ (His death, burial, & resurrection for the remission of sin as the only way to heaven) will become more prevalent & divisive; people need Jesus Christ – more people will preach the gospel; time will tell if God will grant us repentance or not.

G) Godless commies will use mandates/lockdowns to retry HR1 (We The People Act) that’ll federalize elections. They’re simultaneously destroying their carefully crafted “reality” bc they are showing who they are. 

Keep preaching the gospel. Never give up. Make the godless commies DO stuff – not just threaten & SAY stuff.

Now, go to war.”

TheStormHasArrived17 notes:

“MASS NON-COMPLIANCE is the only way we end this tyranny..

If your employer forces you to get a vaccine, let them fire you. 

If a restaurant requires proof of vaccination, don’t eat there. 

If a retailer requires proof of vaccination, don’t shop there. 

If a music venue requires proof of vaccination, say no to live music. 

Etc. etc. etc. 

Life will temporarily be more difficult & uncomfortable, but if we make these businesses feel economically strained, they will eventually be forced not to comply themselves. 

Let’s all stand together, Patriots 🇺🇸