“I’ve given a lot of thought to the decision to depart Afghanistan. There are orders that an officer can refuse. Those orders must be unethical, immoral or illegal. Leaving even ONE American citizen behind to the likes of the Taleban, not to mention HUNDREDS, represents all three of these conditions…from the 82nd Airborne Division Commander, to the Central Command Commander, all the way up to the POTUS (who is clearly not making any decisions), the decision to leave Americans in Afghanistan high and dry is immoral, unethical and illegal. Not one citizen should have been left behind. God help these people.”


I want to sincerely thank everyone for your unwavering support for my family and I over this Chase Bank cancel culture nonsense. We’ll fight through it like everything else we’ve experienced these past six years. If Chase had any commonsense and gave serious thought to the current environment, instead of attacking my family because of our differing political views, they should immediately create a fund for the recently and tragically killed service members and those family members left behind. Chase bank probably doesn’t understand what the term Gold Star means but it is an unimaginably difficult time for the family members of those left behind. My family and I are blessed because we are alive and have each other. I pray Chase Bank and all their cancel culture partners think twice about what they are doing to destroy the fabric of our constitution. Trust me, the heart and soul of America will NEVER be broken. We the people will prevail.