FreeMountainMan, a reader at The Conservative Treehouse, left this comment.

“I keep trying to figure out what the motivation for this whole debacle is. Like someone said, “if the US government wanted it to be done differently it would have been done differently”. None of this was a mistake or mis calculation. This was deliberate. The question I have is why. I have two theories. One optimistic, one pessimistic. 

My pessimistic theory is that the current biden government is simply doing as much damage as possible. They are causing as much damage to our reputation and global standing as quickly as possible. At the same time they are pitting the State dept against the WH. Further damaging our internal institutions and further dividing the country. This theory assumes they are causing all this death, destruction and chaos in order to profit from the mayhem. 

My optimistic theory is that they are behaving much like the Iraqi army did when they were retreating through Kuwait near the end of gulf war 1. Lighting oil rigs on fire as they fell back to Iraq. Under this theory the biden government knows their time is limited for some reason and they are simply doing as much damage as possible on their way out.”

I’m going with both theories. They are not mutually exclusive.