Playing games with polling

POLLSTER RICHARD BARIS, Senior Editor, People’s Pundit Daily, next on Bannon’s War Room

Internals (polls) shows slippage to disapproval numbers – 38-40% with Independents.

Not one report on these poll numbers on MSNBC from Morning Consult and The Economist. Tells you they don’t want to report it.

The numbers are showing a free-fall.

Bannon: You’ve never seen an implosion on a president like this. There’s no support there. There’s no bottom here.

Baris: These guys don’t have an original thought in their heads. Nobody loves him (Biden). They don’t know what to tell their own followers.

Bannon: this is going to impact everything Biden’s going to do. I think Nancy’s going to toss the gavel to Hakeem Jeffries. The polling is only going to get worse. how do they try to jam this thing through?

Baris: Off the cowardly backs of certain Republicans.

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