Folks, I’d like to pass on something @linwoodspeakstruth & I discussed this morning.

Most people here know we’re all in a war – in through the eyes/ears to dominate the mind for the prize of the soul.

With that, people need to (in my opinion) develop a soldier’s view of combat.

But this is spiritual combat.

Not as something to be avoided or ran away from, but as the one necessary to be accepted in order to gain full access to your talents.

Fear & complacency dull the thinking.

When you know you’re in a fight & the fight cant be avoided, embrace the suck.

Only then will all the bad stuff have meaning.

Stuff is bad. Amen.

But if you’re like me, focusing on being a light in the darkness is more important than telling everyone in the dark that it is dark.

Shine your light.

Now, go to war.