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When you hear that EEOC guidance says “your employer can require you to get a vaccine,”  this is false/ mistaken:  EUAs have to have the Option to Refuse and the right to Informed Consent for EUAs.  The EEOC’s guidance updated on May 28, 2021, only states that “federal EEO laws do not prevent an employer from requiring all employees physically entering the workplace to be vaccinated…”[1]   It does not address 21 USCS § 360bbb-3, which relates to EUAs and the option to refuse.

This is called a word game or word salad. 

There is Potential Liability on Employers or Universities that Mandate Vaccines if an Employee or Student suffers any Side Effects or Death from a mandatory EUA vaccine.

See DefendingtheRepublic.org/covid

Gov. Henry McMaster

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Republicans explode with fury over Biden vaccine mandate: ‘Absolutely unconstitutional’

Republicans explode with fury over Biden vaccine mandate: ‘Absolutely unconstitutional’Republican members of Congress and state governors responded to news Thursday that President Joe Biden will force employers with more than 100 workers to require coronavirus vaccinations or test…foxnews.com

“Joe Biden just decreed a nationwide vaccine mandate” — Jack Posobiec

Sleeping with China or building a new house with China’s money…?