Some of you might have various medical conditions that could make you hesitant to take HCQ or Ivermectin (according to America’s FrontLine Doctors), and you don’t want to get the jab, there’s hope for you.


Following weeks of exhausting work and a departure from his normal eating/sleeping/exercise routine from prepping/organizing BARDS FEST, Scott Kesterson, host of BARDS FM, neglected his normal healthy routine, depleting his immune system and was subsequently attacked by the flu. It debilitated him for days, which taught — or re-taught him the fundamental lesson that keeping oneself tip-top healthy is #1 in protecting oneself from the virus, or at least mitigating the worst of it.

Scott returned to his daily podcasts three days ago after a weeklong hiatus to recover from the flu and took time during his return podcast to explain what we can/should do (and he didn’t because of the work/stress involved in preparing for the BARDS FEST) to protect ourselves and be healthy.

It all makes sense. So… I’m following his suggestions and after you listen to him you might want to as well.

The link is here to listen to the show. It runs just under an hour.

BardskFM, Democrats Are Killing Their Own – 20210916