From the Morning Rant by Oregon Muse:

I’ve been seeing a lot of these type of stories lately:

Bob Knob, a guy from Florida, who thought Covid was a hoax and didn’t wear a masks or even practice social distancing died in the hospital last Saturday from complications from Covid-19.


ICU staff say that ERs are filled with unvaccinated people dying from Covid, many of whom are on ventilators. “It’s terrible to watch” said Shirley Curly, an ER nurse at a Miami hospital said, “They’re begging for us to give them the vaccine. Only now do they realize that of course, it’s too late.”

I think these stories are a part of the national scolding/shaming campaign orchestrated by Our Betters who seem to have a lot invested in bullying us into compliance. Which is kind of odd, because if the rushed-to-market vaccines were as safe and effective as they claim they are, then their message would most likely be “here’s a vaccine that is safe, effective, and free.” Instead of “Shut up and take the damn vaccine, you murderous cretins.”

(And I’m tired of being slurred as an “anti-vaxer”. I used to get the flu shot every year. I’ve got nothing against vaccines. I’m just dubious about minimally tested, rushed-to-market vaccines. It’s like new computer software. You never should buy version 1.0, because you know it will be full of bugs. It’s the same with the Covid vaccines. I’m going to wait until the 2.0 or maybe even the 2.1 versions are released before I get one.)

These awful, most likely preventable, deaths no doubt actually occurred (stop laughing). OK, fine. But what you rarely, if ever, see, are stories like this:

Harry Ferry, a gay guy from Massachusetts who had Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders bumper stickers plastered all over his electric car, died from Covid-19 last week, despite receiving all 3 vaccines as well as 6 additional boosters. “He never wore less than 4 masks any time he went out” said Bud Thud, his longtime partner. “His death is a real tragedy.”

No doubt the MSM could find stories like that if they spent a few minutes doing a bit of research. But clearly don’t want to. Obviously there are some Covid deaths that are worth reporting, and some that are not.

Here’s another one that doesn’t get around much:

Texas resident Chuck Buck contracted Covid a few weeks ago, but recovered quickly after a daily regimen of monoclonal antibodies, Regeneron, and Ivermectin. “I never want to go through that again”, said Chuck, “I would not wish Covid on my worst enemy. But I thank God for the early-treatment protocol prescribed by my doctor. We got on it early and it might have saved my life.”

No, you never see stories like that. Only one narrative is allowed:

1. Take the vaccine.
2. Shut up.
3. Anything else is DISINFORMATION, which will get you shamed, censored, and even cancelled.
4. Shut up.