The [CB]/Ds are still trying to push the UBI, this will fail, the people do not want to be controlled.

The US does not have a labor shortage, what happens when you bring more people into the country.

FedEx & UPS are raising prices, it has begun.

The House voted to fund the Government until Dec.

Trump put out a statement and tells the Republicans to use the debt ceiling for leverage.

The [CB] is building the narrative of supply chain issues.

The WEF makes its move with a carbon based credit card. This has failed before it even gets started, the people will reject this just like the vaccine mandates. 

The [DS] is ready to fight back. They have certain events in place to try to weather the storm.

We are now at the precipice and the Patriots are ready. The Arizona forensic audit will be released within 2 days, so prepare for a [FF] or distraction event. The people are now seeing though the [DS] agenda, they see the border crisis,economy, Afghanistan, the push to control the people via the plandemic. The world is now fighting back and the [DS] does not know how to stop it.