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According to Reuters, Japan recently suspended the use of 1.63 million doses shipped to 863 vaccination centers nationwide, more than a week after the domestic distributor received reports of contaminants in some vials.

European Union drugs regulator said production of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines can continue, while it carries out its investigation of a suspected metallic contamination incident.

The contaminant found in the batch is believed to be a metallic particle, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported, citing health ministry sources.

Viral immunologist, Dr. Byram Bridle has been ‘sounding the alarm’ in the medical community about newly obtained data showing the accumulation of spike proteins in organs caused by the Moderna and Pfizer MRNA vaccines.

Bridle is a renowned vaccine researcher who was awarded a $230,000 government grant last year for research on COVID vaccine development.

MRNA uses the cell’s machinery to synthesize proteins that are supposed to resemble the spike protein of the coronavirus, which is what the virus uses to enter cells via the ACE2 receptor. These proteins are then identified by the immune system, which builds antibodies against them. The concern many experts had is that these proteins could accumulate in the body – especially in regions of high concentration of ACE2 receptors – like the testicles and ovaries.

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