It is the job of governors to protect the rights of citizens and provide executive oversight to the function of government. 

With his statement that the 2020 election “is over,” Governor Ducey of Arizona has proven beyond shadow of doubt that he is bought and paid for, and complicit in the corruption of the election. 

Once the audit was inevitable, I believe many inauthentic actors in Arizona thought they had things fixed because “the count matches up.” Remember the senate president highlighting that. 

The language of the audit report was manipulated to not include “decertify” and also withheld the forensic details, which are staggering. 

And even with all of this, and with nearly 6 months elapsed by the time the audit began, and after 10 days to count votes in the county… there was still MASSIVE fraud laid out yesterday which corroborates the findings of the independent canvass. 

The corrupt among us figured with enough manipulation, the issue would go away nationally. Instead, with more and more Americans recognizing the truth of November 3, the usual crowd in Arizona says “nothing to see here” and willingly endorses the violation of citizens’ rights to equal protection under the law. 

Arizona is largely run by warlords with beautiful skyscrapers and desert vistas. Governor Ducey is going to be remembered in history as the little governor who punted when the game was on the line, bossed around by an egotistical county board.