“The reason I never get mired into this stuff is because I identify as an Apache attack helicopter.” — Seth Keshel

3- President Trump is doing a great job of keeping issues at the forefront and reminding voters that he is the strong leader America needs. He is highlighting Biden/Democrats failures on borders, the virus, oil/gas, taxes, crime, foreign policy, etc..

4- We are also seeing some good things coming from elected Republicans at the state levels.. And many more fighters in the House.. But- we have to see more from elected Republicans overall- especially in the Senate. Too many weak figures in the Senate.

5- Mitch McConnell @LeaderMcConnell absolutely must gain back the trust of voters or step aside. Mitch showed moments of fighting spirit during the Obama years – especially on judges.. and he was really good on judges for President Trump. But he has lost his way

6- Maybe Mitch is too old.. maybe he is too swampy but he must either ask for a meeting with President Trump and fix things and start fighting as the (R) leader in the Senate or get out of the way for good.. Too much is at stake.

7- But I see a lot overall to be optimistic about. When in doubt just think back to how much has changed since 2015. At that time Trump had to fight the entire Republican Party apparatus all the way up to the convention and guys like Jeb Bush were the 2016 frontrunners..

8- Now Trump is without a doubt the leader of the Republican Party with the strongest and most loyal base in politics. His endorsement is the most valuable in politics.. and the polices that he focused on are the top agenda items.. 2022 & 2024 is looking better each day..