Earlier today I posted a comment from reader Willyvictor who replied to this post: “Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?” I also emailed the post to my mail list. Got this back in a reply. Interesting. And chilling.

From EB:

“When Donald Trump was elected in 2016 I published on my 11 groups and pages that he would encounter a lot of issues due to not being part of the sub rosa government. It is my theory that Trump went into this with the idea that once one is elected, the state staff will follow orders. On this, he was morally right but in reality, 97% of government staff are members of the democrat party / Union Members / & arrogant.

The CDC doctors are very good people. I had dozens of them as customers. However, the front office and administration are rife with corruption and not too bright folks. I know this from first-hand knowledge.  Why would anyone approve the PLA run lab for finance by our taxpayer dollars? People’s Liberation Army. Think SS and you got them stern to bow.

The PLA is a modern-day version of the Nazi SS. After WWII when rocket folks were moving from Germany to Alabama, and the SS was moving to worldwide locations, 25,000 of these SS members moved to China. The PLA is patterned on the SS down to the core.

And like the SS, they are self-financed. They run the camps and supply the slave labor for fees. Their research is financed by many different sources. The head of environmental toxic research at the time was one of my customers. We had a long talk about his trip to Russia and China to look at how these countries disposed of the toxic research. The Russian lab was located in the middle of a vast desert where it was snowing when he was there. As to China, they had two labs in Wuhan which is also the crossroads for the BELT & ROAD program.

So, we have the Nazi mindset and the living folks to test the stuff on. I mean if you kill people to then sell their body parts [organs], there is no limit to what they will try. It is my belief that many of the tech companies are in China to do research on those slaves. Who else is that evil? Even the democrats, well a few of them might balk at that… or not.