A neighbor dropped by to return a dish that had contained my “world famous” beef stew. While here, she mentioned that she’s already had her third shot (2nd booster). She works for a pediatrician who believes in the jab. Meanwhile, her 40 year old daughter rushed to the Intensive Care bedside of an out-of-state friend — also 40 years of age — who has dealt with chronic heart problems during her entire life and three weeks ago suddenly developed a critical cardiac condition.

Did she get the jab, I asked. Yes, our neighbor replied.

Do you think that might have brought on her problems? “No” she said adamantly.

I then asked if she questioned why so many in the medical health community are refusing to take the jab.

Her reply?

“Because they don’t care about anyone else…”

THIS is the world I (temporarily) live in right now. I am amidst masked, three-times- jabbed know-it-alls who self-assuredly hold firm to the belief that those who refuse the jab are just being selfish and don’t care about others.

PS – A family member with severe comorbidities (diabetes, high b/p, renal failure, obesity, COPD) took the Pfizer jab last February. Five months later, he’s dead. And no one is connecting the dots…

But hey… he wasn’t selfish.