by Lizzie dw

There is this Latin phrase: quod licet tori, non licet bovi – gods may do what cattle may not – or in modern lingo – what is permitted to one important person or group is not permitted to everyone. This is like George Carlin’s club that we “ain’t in”. And we pay for everything they have – their clothing, every meal, every office supply, their homes……well, we pay some; pacs pay the rest. Somehow this has to change but I do not know how to do that!

As far as takin Molnupiravir or taking Ivermectin the two price tags say it all. $700 for Molnupiravir and $2.98 for Ivermectin. Is there a question?

If you go to the site (I think it is .org) you can get Ivermectin yourself either prophylactically or as a treatment. I am not sure if Ivermectin is efficacious for this flu if you have been injected but it is worth a try, IMO. We can’t just sit down and lament what is happening. In this instance we can get the same protection as our elected and paid for representatives.

On another note, here is a list of those exempted from being injected. (per an atty whose name I will not mention who is putting together a RICO suit)
USPS workers
all of Congress – House & Senate
all Congressional staff
6000 White House employees
2500 Pfizer employees
1500 Moderna employees
120,000 Johnson Johnson employees
15,000 CDC employees
14,000 FDA employees
18 million Chinese students studying in the US of A
2 million illegal invaders
500,000 homeless persons