Reader who goes by the name “AnOldPieceOfLeather” writes:

“There’s a silver lining in every cloud.

Most if not all of the freight ships sitting offshore on the east and west coasts – and now even Savannah, Georgia – are loaded with goods from China, most of it is retail goods and at minimum does not get paid for until it is offloaded. That means there is a blockage of revenue flow to China and we’re their biggest consumer. One of their major bank systems, Everbright, has already been having major issues with their obligations, reserves and cash flow. They’re tanking and their actions reflect major panic.

If you do a dive into the present situation in China you’ll see the last thing they need is a catastrophe in their banking industry. 

I’m not diminishing what the intentional blockage is doing to our nation. It’s going to create even more havoc on our economy and our lives than what we’re already dealing with. This winter will be very tough and will test our resolve. We have been told for many months that things will get worse before it gets better, however there has been constant reassurance that it *will* get better. I have complete faith *it will get better*.

If you’re here you already understand to some degree this is all a plan of the cabal/illuminate. Every aspect of their plan has been expected and it’s being dealt with. If you were an insider and knew what was being done you – or I – wouldn’t be here on this blog. There are too many events that have happened / are happening which we get glimpses of that let us know we’re winning. I believe these extremely insane events have to run their courses to wake up more of the brainwashed. It has to be this way, sadly there will be those who are irretrievably lost.

I have a short clip of a speech given by GHW Bush in 1991. I remember watching it live one evening when I got home from work. He was giving a sales pitch for how great our nation would be when we became part of the New World Order. Every once in a while I watch it to remind myself of how critical it is to do everything possible to help prevent that from taking place. I’ve been at it since then.

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