She’s back!

Good morning! and happy to be back here with my “peeps!”

Speaking of peeps, I did quite a bit of leaf-peeping over the past few days with a friend who flew in from Florida to join us for some “Leaf Porn.” And we got our fill!

But she’s returned to 80 degree weather, and I’m settling into my usual routine here where the wind is blowing the last of the leaves in a flurry of “leaf snow.” A chill is in the air, and it’s cozy inside. The next guests are expected to arrive in a few days to experience the Maine Woods where we’ll go for a ride on the ATV. Maine. Not for the faint of heart!

But before I dig in to the news, here are some pics we took along the way last week, including Camden, Maine, one of the prettiest of many beautiful seaside villages that hug Maine’s craggy coast.

In our backyard, the last leaves of summer.

Sunset over the clothesline…

Off we go! But first, a stop at the snug and cozy Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub in downtown Bangor for a chilly fall day’s bowl of piping hot clam “chowdah,” cider beer and delicious Shepherd’s Pie!

Camden… The top of Mount Battie (in the distance) overlooking the snug little harbor was shrouded in fog.

… the pumpkin farm along the Penobscot River in Milford, Maine


Greenville (Moosehead Lake Region), Maine

Back home… hot apple cider, good conversation, and a rocking chair!

By Radiopatriot

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      1. what a beautiful place. I was wondering if you could find anything out about US Treasury Bonds EE Series ,,, My dad left me some and im worried the new system wont honor them. Not to sure if I should hold on to them. Please let me know if you can get any info about them. Thank You So Much. Cindy Smith

  1. Thanks for thee pictures. It really brings back memories and the feeling of days gone bye. Like riding my bike into town knowing I am going to have to walk it back up the hill but going downhill was too much fun to pass up.

  2. What a glorious place to spend autumn and Christmas too!!! You have been busy! ‘Things’ are turning, as well as the leaves! Great writing! Stay Warm!

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