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We are an unserious country, but that attention paid to the frivolous and frankly stupid and ridiculous comes at the expense of issues that are quite literally existentially serious. And even worse, it allows the Long March to continue apace, led by the hard left and executed by its willing fools. 

Here is an example of arrant stupidity in the corridors of power, but peer a bit closer and you will discover that it isn’t just stupid…it is in furtherance of the leftist agenda. 

4 of the Most Ridiculous Items Hidden Inside Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Budget That You Probably Haven’t Seen.

[…]the Agriculture Committee earmarked $3 billion to plant trees — but not just anywhere. Instead, the program promises “a priority for projects that increase tree equity.”

That sounds silly, but the word equity is the tip-off. Who will decide? Undoubtedly an NGO that we all know is linked eventually to the Left, whether that is Soros or some other bad actor on the geopolitical stage.

And here we have $25 million for “anti-discrimination and bias training” in health care:

[…]the budget calls for the Treasury to give the money to nonprofits in order “to develop, disseminate, review, research, and evaluate training for health professionals and all staff who interact with patients to reduce discrimination and bias in the provision of health care, with a focus on maternal health care.”

Anyone care to bet that this isn’t just Critical Race Theory for grown-ups?

[…]among the most controversial outlays would be the nearly $80 billion the IRS would receive for tax enforcement. Because what every American said was that we needed the IRS to be more aggressive when it came to taking our tax dollars.

This is flat-out fascism with a green visor and a calculator. The IRS is perhaps the most powerful tool in D.C. to destroy the middle class and any remaining entrepreneurial spirit among small business in America. They want to massively increase enforcement..hunting down every last dime that they believe they are owed. And remember, they want the banks to report every transaction of $600 or more! That means that cash payment for a used car and the landscaper building a retaining wall and selling stuff at the flea-market…all will be reported if they get their way, and all will be taxed. ***I have neither the energy nor the cast-iron stomach to wade through the filth like J.J. Sefton does every weekday, but here are a few links that piqued my interest or made the gorge rise in my throat.

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