And here it is…

The past two days of this week saw some pretty significant developments in the Durham Special Counsel investigation. 

Two things happened very quickly together:

First, it was announced publicly – and I’ll comment about it being a public announcement in a minute – that the Durham SCO would be calling former FBI General Counsel James Baker as a witness for the prosecution should this case against former Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann go to trial. 

It’s a very significant development that Durham’s office **publicly announced** it would be bringing Baker in as a witness against Sussmann.

Some people might not understand why Durham unveiling Baker as a key SCO witness is such a bombshell. Allow me to briefly explain. 

Durham runs a very tight ship when it comes to security against leaks; virtually nothing has gone public from his investigation unless he wants that information to go public. 

Which means that at this time, Durham **wanted** certain people to know that Baker is cooperating. By openly revealing that the SCO would be bringing the FBI’s former General Counsel to testify, Durham is sending a message to some people. He wants these people to clearly see that Baker is cooperating in Sussman’s prosecution.

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