A reader left a comment asking for source info on graphene oxide. The specific answer can be found in a post I wrote last July.

Besides that, several more articles I’ve posted on this site contain copious links that when clicked, will send you on your way to “rabbit holes” that will answer your questions and then some. As well, a simple search on your favorite search engine will reveal as much — or more – than you might have time to read. Reams have been written and thousands of hours racked up on podcasts with physicians, researchers, medical specialists, virologists, etc. on the topic.

Of the eight articles I’ve posted on the subject, the one that has — and continues to get — the most hits on this Radiopatriot site, What is Graphene Oxide and Will it Kill You is a good place to start. It consistently shows up in the top ten at #6 of the most read posts on this site (as of this writing, more than 30k).

It is evident that many people are curious (and alarmed?) about this component found in the so-called Covid 19 “vaccine” being forced on us. According to research I’ve read (and written about), it will kill you with thromboses, among other genetic maladies. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually. It is a diabolical death sentence, thanks to Fauci Mengele and the CCP.

I’m OK with helping folks find info and have done so many times. But friends, when a simple websearch using a keyword (i.e “graphene oxide”) will result in a plethora of info, it puzzles me why some folks don’t/won’t take the initiative to dive in but instead ask me to do their homework.

— Rant over ❤️ —