A comment from reader WillyVictor reveals the reality of so-called “climate change.”

“In the Navy I was an Aerographers Mate. Which is a weatherman and ended up with me being an Aircrewman on all sorts of planes in different squadrons. In Antarctica, in 1969, civilian scientists, we called them USARPS, were studying the hole in the ozone layer. They were studying other things but I don’ care that much for penguins, they shit all over the place.

The group I was talking to said that these holes were marvelous in that there are only two and both are located over areas where there are no people: Antarctica and a forsaken region on the equator.

One of the things they were studying was the effect of various pollutants on the Ozone Holes because they observed fluctuations in the size of the holes which they theorized had to do with the type of pollutant. You see, pollutants are funneled to these holes where they are bombarded with cosmic radiation and neutralized.

The scientists marveled at the ingenious method that the earth used to clean up after us. Intelligent design don’t you know? So, these guy didn’t see the holes as an issue. A few years later, when DuPont’s patent on Freon ran out, then it became a problem and Freon II was good to go. Death to all Chlorofluorocarbons! Save the Ozone Layer! Mo Money for DuPont! Hairspray propellant is will kill us all.

All B.S. Junk science.

Now it’s “Climate Change.”

For them gas laws do not exist nor does any legitimate atmospheric physics.

Logic? Ha!

End climate change by paying money to a politician. If you pay enough you might even get to see another sunrise. If not…Fema Camp 7 awaits.