…and shows the tremendous power that emotional propaganda has on people’s decision-making capability.

If you have read/followed the Devolution series, you will understand that having a source of power is critical to the survival of our country. Our electric grid is THE infrastructure that our enemies — foreign and DOMESTIC — will attack first to bring us to our knees.

But shortsighted Mainers believe this plan would hurt the pristine nature of the state, ignoring the fact that this power plan would shift electricity when and if a grid went down. Evidently they’ve not heard of the rolling brownouts that Californians have to live with. The granola chomping enviro-wackos are the ones who shut down Maine’s clean and efficient hydro-electric power harnessed from Maine’s free-flowing rivers.

Shaking my head. Mainers have fallen for the multi-million dollar emotional public relations campaign to kill this project that was already underway with significant investment. The Maine legislature — not wanting to be held responsible despite the fact that the power company has dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s the state legislature and federal agencies required — now cowardly tossed it to the voters to kill it. This echoes the decision made by Germany’s Angela Merkel to shut down clean nuclear power generation, putting them in the clutches and mercy of Putin’s russian pipeline.

Ill-informed, misinformed, uninformed Mainers should have taken a holistic approach to ensuring power would flow to and throughout the northeast New England states, if for no other reason than national security…

Now I’m afraid they will suffer the consequences… good luck with that.

From today’s Wall Street Journal: