“Here’s a thought….does anyone think the military would step in if Biden is 25thed  before Kameltoe in sworn in so its not a military coup? Biden is soon due for a physical and I could see that happening. That’s if the military doesn’t have to step in after the jury verdict for Rittenhouse is released.” – S.A.

OK, just one more…

“What I find interesting is the almost exponential growth in the reach of MAGA centric social media platforms or what I’d like to refer to as 1A Media or First Amendment Media (TG, Rumble, Gettr, the coming Truth Media Platform, et al.) gaining traction on a net net positive basis – gaining more users than Corp Media loosing indicating a massive shift in key and other demographics toward MAGA – the recent Latino polling data clearly indicates this. Anyway, voices like biernutz, Just Human, X22 are now being rapidly injected into the general population bridging both First A platforms and Corp Media (msm) – example is the hit piece CNN did on Bannon running clips of him stating cogent reasoning for his concerns over election fraud without rebuttal other than to state how his words are “incendiary” and “divisive” but NOT providing any real evidence to support their mockingbird label of “The Big Lie” and again polls to the degree they can be trusted indicate a significant percentage of the populace believes there were elements of election fraud in 2020. 

Keep up the great work Patriot Scribes your voices will continue to be amplified and heard literally around the world.” — SVQ