The fake news and the corrupt politicians are now spinning everything we are seeing in the economy. They are trying to tell us that inflation is going to be good for us. As the economy gets worse they will blame everything but themselves.

Trump sends warning, the GND will destroy America and taxes will sky rocket, all because Mitch McConnell caved.

The [DS] has no step 5. The [DS] is now trapped, they are preparing to change batters.

OSHA will not push their rules because of the 5th Circuit Court ruling.

The drug they call a vaccine only lasts for 2 month according the New England Journal of Medicine, so why take it?

Plus those who tested positive for covid cannot get it or spread it. The [DS] plan is falling apart, they cannot control the narrative.

[JB] is going to be removed by the 25th Amendment. How will this play out? Did they reserve her for later? How do you sneak one in at the last minute?

Source: TheEpochTimes
Source: TheGatewayPundit

Imagine this scenario: Hillary replaces Kamala, Joe is 25th’ed (or croaks), Hillary becomes POTUS, Hillary appoints Obama as VP, all in an attempt to shelter them from

It’s a “She.” Who is “she?” Why was “she” saved from officially announcing?