When asked what the most pivotal moment was that made the case successful, Kyle’s lawyer said getting rid of the first two lawyers on the case (Lin Wood and John Pierce).

Comment from IET 17 at Telegram:

“Not sure why people are upset about Jordan posting this information. Jordan didn’t say that – Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney did.  Jordan just posted what kyles attorney said and nothing more. 

If you don’t like what kyles attorney said , why are you not attacking kyles attorney and instead attacking Jordan? 

If you don’t like information being posted bc it doesn’t agree with your perspective on what should be said , then how are you any different than leftists who haven’t learned a damn thing about how to critically think for yourself on why the information was posted and what it means. 

What a logical person would do is take the information presented and do critical thinking and research as to why then come to a logical conclusion based on evidence.”

OK, it’s crude — and maybe even vulgar. But it IS funny as hell, you have to admit.

Life can be like that sometimes.